A bit about me

Whilst I was growing up, I honestly didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do as a career. I considered everything from hairdressing, midwifery & even archaeology. It wasn’t until after two years out of education I decided to go back to West Suffolk College to study fashion & textiles. I loved it from the get go, as I’ve always been creative, but I was never very handy with a sewing needle & my pattern cutting was some what questionable. It wasn’t until our brief fashion illustration module when I first picked up a brush, dipped it in a water colour palette & marked out one of my long leggy ladies that I really felt at home.

After the best two years at college I went on to do various jobs; telesales, fitness instructors assistant and mostly retail. Although there was no way I loved to spend my days more than watching ‘This Morning’ with a huge cup of coffee, drawing my little ladies for hours. It’s through countless
days of doing this that I developed a style I am happy with and feel confident in. My business has gone from strength to strength at a speed I could never have anticipated. In my first year I was lucky enough to work on a Lyst blogger event in New York & be featured in Glamour Magazine & Vogue UK. With great determination, passion & A LOT of late nights, I am turning this hobby into a career & I cant wait to see what the future will hold for Helen Hird Illustrations.

So here it goes. I hope you enjoy my website and don’t hesitate to contact me with
any questions or enquiries about commissioned pieces. I’m very friendly.

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